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     Our farm gets its name from Peter’s Finnish heritage. His grandparents came from Finland at the turn of the 20th century. We have lived on Walker Hill Road for more than thirty years, raised our three sons here, and have maintained an active interest in our community.

     Each year in March it is time for the sapping season to begin in southern Carroll County, New Hampshire. It is this time of year when the Olkkola Farm prepares for Mother Nature’s big event. We have done this for the past 30 years and look forward to continuing for another thirty. The sap season lasts a brief six weeks, that is, if the weather is in our favor. Ideal weather is 20 degrees at night and 40-45 degrees for daytime temperatures. Some of our sap is collected in buckets, the traditional way, but in recent years we began using some tubing to make the gathering of sap much more efficient. The sap is collected and brought to the sap house where it is boiled down to the Gold of the earth. Olkkola Farm proudly continues this tradition of producing and distributing the finest pure New Hampshire maple syrup.

Maple Syrup Products Maple Tree Syrup 

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Maple Syrup Products Maple Tree Syrup